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Race Cancellation Policy

If you are considering cancelling your race, please keep us informed during the course of your deliberations so that we will have plenty of notice. And of course after any final decision to cancel, please alert us immediately. Our cancellation policy is as follows:

If we have already ordered your timing tags you will have to pay for them. You may use them the following year if you want, although if they are stuck to the backs of bib numbers with the year printed on them that might not work well.

If our staff have travelled to your event and the race is cancelled at the very last minute, our full timing fee still applies.

If neither of those conditions apply, there is no cancellation fee and we look forward to working with you at your next event!

For an interesting discussion on race cancellations, read this article by Boston Marathon Race Director Dave McGillivray. This article from Race Director's HQ gives some advice on how to go about cancelling your race.